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Automatic Email Notice of Clear Skies Predictions

Did you know that you can receive automatic email notices of clear skies for our area (or just about any other location, for that matter)? Just go to the web site of the Clear Sky Alarm Clock. You will need to click the alarm clock on the home page to enter the site, then register for this free service (they need your email address to send you the alerts). Then fill out the forms to tell them what location you want to be notified about. It has to be a location that has an existing Clear Sky Clock, such as the one for the MVAS Observatory. You can customize when you want to receive alerts — for example you could set up an alert for when there is predicted to be a minimum of two hours of clear skies between 8 p.m. and midnight when the moon is below the horizon. When the conditions you specify are met, the Clear Sky Alarm Clock will automatically send you an email at least several hours in advance to let you know that observing conditions are predicted to be good.

It's a very useful tool, especially if you don't have the time to keep checking weather forecasts. Never miss an observing opportunity again!