Recommended Astronomy Books and Publications

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* Highly recommended
† Advanced subject matter

Title Author or Publisher
365 Starry Nights * Chet Raymo
All About Telescopes Sam Brown
Astronomical Calendar Guy Ottwell
Astronomy Magazine * Kalmbach Publishing
Astrophotography - An Introduction H. J. P. Arnold
Atlas of the Moon † Antonin Rukl
Beginner's Guide to Amateur Astronomy David J. Eicher
Beyond the Blue Horizon: Myths and Legends of the Sun, Moon, Stars, and Planets E. C. Krupp
Binocular Astronomy * Craig Crossen and Wil Tirion
Book of Hints, Tips & Everyday Wisdom Rodale
Bright Star Atlas 2000.0 Wil Tirion
Build Your Own Telescope Richard Berry
Burnham's Celestial Handbook † Robert Burnham, Jr.
City Astronomy Robin Scagell
Edmund Mag. 6 Star Atlas Dickinson, Costanzo, and Chaple
Exploring the Moon Through Binoculars and Small Telescopes * Ernest H. Cherrington, Jr.
Light and Color in the Outdoors M. G. J. Minneart
Men, Monsters, and the Modern Universe George Love, Wil Tirion
Lunar Map Sky Publishing Corp.
Nightwatch: An Equinox Guide to Viewing the Universe * Terence Dickinson
Norton's 2000.0 Star Atlas and Reference Handbook Edited by Ian Ridpath
Seeing the Sky Fred Schaaf
Sky & Telescope Magazine Sky Publishing Corp.
Sky Phenomena Norman Davidson
Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning Richard Hinckley Allen
Star Tales Ian Ridpath
Star Ware Philip S. Harrington
Star-Hopping for Backyard Astronomers Alan M. MacRobert
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Understanding Einstein Gary F. Morling
The Deep Sky: An Introduction Philip S. Harrington
The Messier Album John Mallas & Evered Kreimer
The Messier Objects Stephen James O'Meara
The Soul of Tonight Chet Remo
The Stars: A New Way to See Them * H. A. Rey
Touring the Universe Through Binoculars * Philip S. Harrington
Turn Left at Orion * Guy Consolmango & Dan Davis
Uranometria (2 volumes) † Tirion, Rappaport, & Lovi

Books for Kids

Title Author
Ages 4-8  
Exploring the Solar System Bruce LaFountaine
The Big Dipper and You Edwin C. Krupp & Robin Rector Krupp
The Ultimate Moon Landing Sticker Book Aled Herpert
The Best Book of the Moon Ian Graham
Ages 9-12  
The Mystery of Mars Sally Ride & Tam O'Shaughnessy
Black Holes Heather Crouper & Nigel Henbest
Big Bang: The Story of the Universe Heather Crouper & Nigel Henbest
Is Anybody Out There? Heather Crouper & Nigel Henbest
Eyewitness Science: Astronomy Kristen Lippincott
The Young Astronomer Harry Ford
The Kingfisher Young People's Space Book Martin Redfern
The Planet Hunters: The Search for Other Worlds Dennis Brindell Fradin
Is There Life on Mars? Dennis Brindell Fradin
Teens and up  
Exploring the Night Sky: The Equinox Astronomy Guide for Beginners Terence Dickinson
Night Sky: An Explore Your World Handbook Robert Burnham
The Young Oxford Book of Astronomy Simon and Jacqueline Mitton
The Universe Revealed edited by Pam Spence
The New Astronomer Carole Stott
The Space Encyclopedia Heather Couper and Nigel Henbest
Astronomy: A Self-Teaching Guide, 4th Edition Dinah L. Moche