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Comets and Meteors
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Geographic Positions and Time
History of Astronomy
Hubble Space Telescope
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Astronomy Books
Amazon- books on line
Barnes and Noble
Science News books

RegiStax - free image processing software

Cards - Virtual Astronomy Cards
Virtual Astronomy Postcards

Children and Beginners
The Children's Museum of Utica NY - Welcomes you to our museum for kids!
The best of NASA material for elementary school children - The Space Place
General information from NASA for Children and Beginners - SpaceKids
Introduce children to astronomy - Kids Astronomy
Seeing in the Dark Activities for children/teachers/parents and adults
Be an astronaut simulation: Station Spacewalk Game
Planets, Calendar, maps, puzzles, and send cosmic electronic post cards - Dustbunny
Space & Astronomy for Kids + hundreds of links for kids -
Solar System and the universe beyond - StarChild
For older children (14 and up) - Imagine the Universe
Exploratorium - San Francisco science museum
Space and Science: A Study Guide for Kids
Syracuse Museum of Science and Technology (MOST)
SEDS: Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
Astronomy for Kids

College and University Astronomy Departments:
Arizona State University - Academic Programs - Main Campus - Liberal Arts - Physics and Astronomy
Colgate University - Department of Physics and Astronomy, Dr. Balonek & Dr. Aveni
Hamilton College - Department of Physics
Michigan Technological University - Department of Physics
University of Chicago - Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics

Comets & Meteors
NASA Near Earth Object Program
The International Meteor Organization homepage
CalSky - Where to find Comets
Finding comets on SOHO images

Equipment & Accessories - New and Used
Oceanside Photo & Telescope - new telescopes & accessories, Oceanside, CA
Best Telescopes for 2020
Meade Instruments - Irvine, CA new equipment
Celestron International - Torrance, CA new equipment
Astromart - ads placed to buy and sell used equipment
Anacortes - new equipment
Gary Hand - new and used equipment
Skies Unlimited - new telescopes & accessories, Pottstown, PA
Duchek Consulting Services LLC - the little things needed, used eyepieces, plus info
Telescope Review
Telescope Guide

Astronomy - more than you may want to know
Black Hole Encyclopedia - latest news on black holes
Astronomy Starlust - stargazing guides, articles, telescopes and more

Geographic Positions/Time
World Atlas - latitude and longitude by city or zip
TouchMap of latitude and longitude
Present time across the US - official time by time zone
Official Time from the US government
Magnetic Declination from NOAA
Sunrise/set, Moonrise/set times
CalSky An astronomical calculator
U.S. Naval Observatory Dates & times of Sun, Moon, eclipses, astro-events


History of Astronomy

Hubble Space Telescope
Space Telescope Science Institute
Picture Album
Hubble and the European Space Agency

Sky and Telescope
StarDate Magazinea non-profit publication of McDonald Observatory
Science News
Scientific American

Member Web Pages
Kevin Wigell's Astrophotography Web Page
Chuck and Carol Higgins' Web Page

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Tom Balonek's Astronomy Links - Professor of Astronomy, Colgate University
Tom Balonek's Arecibo Night Sky Video
SETI Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence sites
Bad Astronomy blog by Phil Plait
David Levy's Radio Show: Starizona
Dark Sky Initiative
For Fun - Name a star for someone

MythsGreek; More Greek myths

Sky & Telescope latest news breaks
Aurora, Sun, Meteors, Spaceweather News
"What's New" Press Releases from NASA's Office of Space Science
SpaceRef - Space news
Space News - lists articles published daily on the internet

Objects to Observe
Messier Objects
Washington Double Star Catalog (WDS) - a catalog of Struve double stars
Must See Star Gazing Events
The Electronic Sky
Moon Maps - click on Part I or Part II for lunar regional maps

International Occultation Timing Organization's (IOTA)
IOTA's Yahoo discussion group

Organizations, Societies and Events:
Astronomical League - a confederation of amateur astronomers and astronomy organizations
Astronomical Society of the Pacific - Northern California professional and amateur astronomer organization
Central New York Observers & Observing (CNYO) Promotes amateur astronomy and space science in Central New York
Albany Area Amateur Astronomers associated with Dudley Observatory
Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers
International Dark Sky Association
Selene - New York State Dark Sky group
Rochester Astronomical Society - section of the Rochester Academy of Science, Rochester, NY
Rockland Astronomy Club - Suffern, NY
Syracuse Astronomical Society- Syracuse, NY
Gloucester Area Astronomy Club- Gloucester, MA
Kopernik Astronomical Society- Vestal, NY
Stellafane Homepage- Springfield Telescope Makers, Stellafane, Vt.
American Association of Amateur Astronomers
Northeast Astronomical Forum (NEAF) - Rockland Community College, Suffern, NY

Planetariums & Observatories
3-D Ho Tung Visualization Laboratory,Colgate University, Hamilton, NY
Most Museum Planetrium, Syracuse, NY
Portable Planetarium, Oneida BOCES, Utica, NY
Schenectady Museum and Suits-Bueche PlanetariumSchenectady, NY
Henry Hudson Planetarium, Albany, NY
Roberson Museum and Science Center Planetarium, Binghamton, NY
Abrams PlanetariumMichigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan
Rose Center& Hayden Planetarium at the Museum of Natural History
Kopernik Observatory and Science Center, Vestal, NY
National Radio Astronomy Observatory,Green Bank, West Virginia

Galileo Mission at Jupiter
Mars Exploration Rovers Mission Home Page
Mars Express Photos
Mars Team On Line Photo Gallery
Cassini Mission to Saturn
The Nine Planets - current findings, pictures and other data
Lunar and Planetary Institute
Extrasolar Planets: Extrasolar Planet Encyclopedia
Extrasolar Planets: Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics
Extrasolar Planets: University of California - Geoffrey Marcy
Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Moon
Near Eros Photos

Pronunciation Guide
Astronomical pronunciation guide from the Astronomical League

Heavens Above - track artificial satellites in your sky: time, altitude, direction, magnitude
NASA Spaceflight information
Celes Trak - orbital elements for satellites

Sky Maps
Novice: Monthly Sky Maps for the Northern and Southern Hemispheres
Free Uncle Al's Star Wheel at different latitudes and in different languages
Free Magnitude 7.0 Star Maps
Advanced: NASA Extragalactic Database (NED) - excels for galaxies, professionals
Advanced: SIMBAD (Set of Identification, Measurements, and Bibliography for Astronomical Data)

Sky Watching
Sky & Telescope's The Sky at a Glance
Hubble Site - A look at tonight's sky
NASA's Eclipse Website
What to look for in the current sky Choose the TONIGHT tab
CalSky An astronomical calculator
Monthly viewing information - the Moon, Sun, Planets, etc. Que Tal

Software and Armchair Astronomy
Google Sky - a simulation
NASA Television broadcasts
World Wide Telescope - simulated explorations of the universe
Photojournal - JPL & NASA brings the universe to you
Stellarium free planetarium software

Space Flight - latest spaceflight news
The Planetary Society - space exploration
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)

Space Weather - Solar wind velocity, density, sunspot numbers, flares, CME, aurora warnings
Big Bear Solar Observatory Images - latest images of the Sun in Hydrogen alpha , white light, etc.
Auroral Activity Map - NOAA POES satellite image
Solar and Heliospheric Observatory  Satellite - 24 hour surveillance of the Sun, UV images
ESA's Ulysses Satellite - surveillance of the Solar north and south poles - moreUlysses
GONG - Global Oscillation Network Group - a network of six world wide solar observatories
Stanford University Solar Center - lots of neat stuff here, even folklore
Solar Observatory - solar maximum, eclipses, transits, Sunspots, Auroras

Weather conditions at the MVAS BBO Observatory
Real time Weather Satellite images and movies.
Space Weather in Earth's neighborhood
Climate changes and the environment