Mohawk Valley Astronomical Society

The Dulak Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Telescope

Nights are short in the summer, and days are pleasantly long, but there is only one star visible, the Sun! And what an amazing star it is, especially seen close up and personal! Our Lunt LS80THa/PT/B1800/FT Hydrogen-Alpha Solar Telescope allows us to do just that.

It is an 80-mm dedicated F/7, 560-mm focal length refractor with an internal etalon that is internally pressure tuned (Doppler True Tuning) to less than a 0.7 Angstrom bandpass, with a 2-inch Feather Touch focuser, and a B1800 blocking filter that is useful for photography. This system allows superb inspection of solar prominences, filaments, plages, flares, supergranulation and active regions in the solar chromosphere.

An external front mounted 60 mm Double Stack Etalon can be mounted to the solar telescope to decrease the bandpass to less than 0.5 Angstroms and enhance the solar features when the seeing is extremely steady.

The Lunt Telescope is carried by a Vixen Sphinx GoTo German Equatorial Mount.

The complete system and mount was generously donated by MVAS member James Dulak (not photographed here).