Observatory Project Sequence of Events

26 Sep Rained out star party. Phone call made to Sam Falvo.
14 Oct Motion approved at meeting to proceed to erect an observatory.
31 Mar Visited Morrisville Observatory for enlightenment.
3 Apr Unloaded solid concrete staves.
8 Apr Ground breaking.
10 Apr Underground electrical & telephone wires buried.
24 Apr Hole 5-feet deep dug for plinth.
May Cleaned the dome's panels.
19 Jun Concrete poured for the plinth and pads.
3 Aug Concrete poured for the observatory floor.
18 Sep Mounted steel door frame and assembled the 3 tiered stave walls.
2 Oct Leveled the wall assembly, courtesy of Mr. Ed Smith.
17 Oct Installed the dome.
31 Oct Installed the shutter door.
7 Jul Applied Thoroseal waterproofing to the outside of the concrete staves.
13 Jul Installed the front door.
13 Oct Patched the holes in the dome.
28 Jul Built the raised interior floor.
13 Aug Ordered a Meade 16-inch LX200 Telescope.
15 Dec Installed the shutter drive motor.
20 Jun Installed a winch for the drop-out shutter door.
11 Sep Move the telescope into the observatory through the slit.
26 Nov Installed the steel pier and assembled the telescope.
9 Dec Polar aligned the mount. Saturn was our "first light."
17 Dec Star drift alignment performed.
4 Jan First MVAS Star Party at the observatory.
7 Jun MVAS Apollo Observatory Dedication.

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