Construction of the MVAS Apollo Observatory

Pads and dome

Six six-foot square concrete observing pads with electrical outlets.
Sixteen-foot Ash Dome atop nine-feet high silo stave walls with a metal door.
The Ash Dome was donated by the U. S. Army. It previously served in the Apollo Mission

Breaking ground for the observatory
Ground breaking for the observatory
Digging for the pads
Digging to make observing pads
Building forms
Preparing frames for the pads
Trenches for electrical wires
Trenches for wires to supply power to the pads
Skreeding the concrete
Skreeding the pads
Digging to China
Digging to China
Setting the plinth form
Setting the plinth form
Pouring concrte for the plinth
Pouring the concrete for the plinth
Concrete for the floor
Pouring concrete for the observatory floor
Skreeding the floor
Skreeding the floor
Setting the first row of staves
Setting the first row of staves
Modifiying the staves
Modifying the staves
Row one complete
Row one complete
Second row
Row two
Row two almost done
Third row of staves almost completed
The work crew
The work crew
Wall plate assembly
Wall plate assembly
A real puzzle
A jig saw puzzle?
Refurbished dome panel
Refurbished panels
First panels are up
The first few dome panels in place
Mourning the dawn
Mourning the dawn!
Shutter door installed
Slit door installed
Installing the interior floor
This floor will hold an elephant!
Building a stairway to Heaven

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