Mohawk Valley Astronomical Society

A Pictorial History of the Ash Dome

First view
First view at the military installation
Second view
Second view - up close
Will it turn?
Will it still turn after all these years?
Taking shutter motor down
Can we get the shutter motor down?
Shutter motor success
Ah...the shutter motor bolts did loosen!
Foundation bolts
Cutting the bolts off the foundation
Position the truck
This is it! Position the truck.
Ready... Set...
Ready...? Set...?
Loading dome 1
"Gentlemen, take your hats off in class!"
Loading dome 2
Under military supervision
On the truck
Isn't she BEAUTIFUL!
With this ring...
With this ring....
Founding father
A founding father
Dismantling the panels
Dismantling the panels
Drum roll, please
A drum roll, PLEASE!
The crew
The crew - minus the photographer